Qualities of a Reliable Precious Metal Dealer

 Qualities of a Reliable Precious Metal Dealer

There are a lot of precious metal dealers that you can find both online and offline. However, not all of these dealers and suppliers are worthy of your trust and confidence. As one of these dealers, Durham Precious Metals has managed to acquire a solid base of customers, thanks to their commitment to giving them nothing but the best of the best they deserve. But, what are the qualities of a precious metal dealer that you can count on?

Reputation and Due Diligence

Reputation is always the key when you deal with and buy from a precious metals dealer. See to it that the company that you choose to sell your silver and gold to has untarnished reputation. When you consider a bullion dealer, you can check out review sites online. Before doing any business with the dealers you find, ensure that you do at least several searches on Google, such as the review, scam, and experience in relation to that particular dealer.

When you do these searches, you should search for genuine reviews of these companies. Sadly, there are several companies that even pay marketers to go and post extremely positive reviews for the company or to give negative reviews to competitors. For this reason, you really have to use your discerning eye and identify the reviews which are genuine and written from the perspective of an actual user. Of course, always take these reviews with a grain of salt for your own good.

References from Clients

You can request a dealer to give you a minimum of three client references or better yet, you can ask for five or six. Take note that because of the private nature of being the owner of silver or gold, many people would rather choose to stay anonymous.

This is actually an advantage to you as a potential client since many of the best clients of these dealers will not come forth and you will only manage to talk to some of the less familiar clients. You have to take time talking with these references as the longer you talk to them, the more details you will uncover. Raise specific questions on the buying and selling process, dealer’s trustworthiness, customer services and others.

Positioning of the Dealer

Every dealer of precious metals has a core set of beliefs on how to properly invest in physical silver and gold. The challenge lies in the fact that moral core beliefs in a wise investing don’t usually lead to the most profitable position for dealers. The main point here is that there will be more margin and even more money to be made for the dealer in numismatic, rare and European coins as compared to those in standard bullion bars and coins.

Although there is a place for the numismatics, specifically for speculators and collectors, a trustworthy dealer like Durham Precious Metals will never use sales tricks or scare tactics just to upsell you from bullion to the numismatics. You can check the website first before you place a call as this is a way to know if they only want to push high margin items without any concern for your investing strategies and goals.

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